Why You Must Use a Lawyer When Buying Spanish Property

If you were buying property in your own country would you use a lawyer? And if you didn’t and got ripped off would you have grounds to complain, of course not. So wWhy do so many people take complete leave of their senses and not get a top quality lawyer when they buy property in Spain?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of horror stories I have heard about people doing things in when Spain when buying property here that they wouldn’t dream of doing in there own country with one client from the UK taking a €100,000 in cash to the estate agents office and getting mugged. Now any sensible person knows if you want to take that money to buy a property you would take it to the Notary and more importantly you would get the bank to take there for you.

There are plenty of horror stories out there which only put people off buying property in Spain when all you have to do is take proper steps to protect yourself and you will never be part Avvocato in Spagna of such horror stories and you will buy the right property with all the right licenses and planning consents.

If you are an international buyer buying a second home in another country you should actually be taking more caution and more steps to protect yourself not less. The number one thing you should do is appoint a good Lawyer who will basically tell you the full truth and you will know after a meeting with that Lawyer whether the agent you have been using has been totally upfront with you or its time to look for another Agent because that’s the second most important thing finding an agent you can trust.

Spain has its very own Notary system which can be very daunting if you have come from a non Napoleon notary based system such as the UK and Ireland but if you make sure you appoint the right Lawyer you can’t go wrong. I hope you have found this article interesting and please take my advice and get yourself a Lawyer when you buy in Spain.

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