Three Tips on How to Visit the 2014 Soccer World Cup on a Limited Budget


ith the qualification draw for the 2014 Soccer World Cup getting closer every day, many football fans are starting to make plans about traveling to Brazil to cheer on their favorite teams. It is already known how the places in the final tournament will be distributed between the different groups, and the pairings in the play-off games will be soon be determined. Fans are impatiently waiting for this news that will come from Rio de Janeiro at the end of July 2011 and are checking agen sbobet terpercaya options they have for traveling to Brazil.

However, visiting Brazil during this highly anticipated experience does not come cheap. The tickets are most likely to cost at least several hundred dollars each, with the tickets for the final games having a much higher price; possibly a couple of thousand dollars or more. Additionally, people from all around the world will be visiting the country at the same time and will need convenient hotel accommodation during their stay.

When the World Cup event was awarded to Brazil, the country was trusted with a very important job – to organize an event that will turn it into the football capital of the world for the duration of the championship. They have taken this job very seriously, and the world is expecting a memorable event; full of excitement and emotion – the specialties of Brazil. Brazil has already hosted a World Cup competition back in 1950, and has also won the FIFA World Cup five times, so expectations are very high.

If you are already searching online for soccer tickets for the 2014 Soccer World Cup, we have some tips to give you that will save you money:

Tip #1: Start your search from the official FIFA site
The best place to find 100% original tickets, and to avoid fraud while purchasing them, is without a doubt the official site of FIFA. Check there regularly about any news and updates about when there will be world cup tickets available. You will have to be quick, as the tickets sell very quickly. The tickets for the latest FIFA Soccer Euro Cup sold within just a few hours, so if you do not want to miss out on the event – make sure you keep up to date on ticketing for the World Cup. Buying from FIFA directly will also mean that you will save some money by not paying any extra costs or additional charges other online resellers might have.

Tip #2: Check for package deals at your trusted travel agent
Many travel agencies offer not only tickets, but a complete experience in Brazil during the event. Even if you go to Brazil just because of the championship, there is still a lot to see and experience. Some travel agencies have planned to offer great packages tailored to your preferred dates, requirements and budget. Most of the time, it is cheaper to get a full package, rather than get all the elements separately. If you are on a budget, tell your travel agent how much you are willing to spend and let them come up with an offer for your trip.

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