Successful Tips For on Page Optimization

Every website wants to rank well for its keywords in search engines. This can be achieved by optimizing a website for its on-page and off-page factors. By on-page optimization I mean you have to:

1. Use the main keywords in your title tag and its advisable to keep the characters in limit as Google chops of after 68 characters.
2. In meta description and meta keywords you can use the main as well as other less main keywords. But keep in mind that in description Google chops of after 152-154 characters, so its always a good thing to be on the right side.
3. You have to use the keywords in body content also like u may write in the natural flow with your main keywords in heading 1 tag and more keywords can be made bold.
4. Use your keywords in anchor text of links and also in title attributes.
5. You can also use your keywords in directory names and filenames.
6. Breadcrumb navigation work wonders.
7. In your images, use keywords in alt attribute of img tag.
8. Use your keywords after copyright information.
9. Check for keyword density with the help of various tools.
10. Remember, content is King. More content your site has the better for SEO purposes. More content doesn’t mean the more content per page, but more pages.
11. Make sure your page code is not bigger than 100 K. Search engine bots only look at the code, not the pictures to determine page size.
12. At the bottom of each page use menus as text links.
13. Make sure you have 404 page.
14. Make sure to have a site map page.
15. Use css instead of color, size and font tags.
16. Get rid of the JavaScript in the code and put it in an external file and change the link buttons or JavaScript links in to text links.꽁머니사이트

These are some of the easy techniques for on page optimization.

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