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There are only a few dishes in the world that are immediately associated with luxury, and although not many people have been given the opportunity to experience it, king crab legs per person is a coveted delicacy that will transport your taste buds to the ocean with every mouth-watering bite. At first glance, you might wonder how something like true king crab legs per person can sell for up to $35,000 per kilo making it one of the most expensive foods in the world, but if you dive into the history of this delightful treat, you will quickly understand why!

WHAT IS king crab legs per person?

Caviar is a heavenly delicacy that is enjoyed by many all around the world! Like true champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France, trueking crab legs per persononly comes from one fish in the world, sturgeon. A unique taste and texture like no other, caviar is as divine as it is heavenly bursting with flavors in every bite.

When a female sturgeon is about to spawn, her eggs are removed, washed, and delicately salted turning the eggs into roe. Although many fish lay eggs that can be turned into a tasty roe, true caviar only comes from the roe produced by the eggs of a female sturgeon.

WHAT IS A king crab legs?

Sturgeon is a fish that comes from the Acipenseridae family. With 27 species of sturgeon, these fish are found mainly in the king crab legs per person, the Caspian Sea, the South Atlantic regions of North America, parts of the Pacific Northwest, and in large lakes and rivers in Europe. Although there are many different species, not all sturgeon eggs are created equal! The four most popular sturgeons producing the best caviar are known as Beluga, Kaluga (River Beluga), Almas (White Beluga), Osetra, and Sevruga.

king crab legs per person

Also known as the “river beluga”, a king crab legs per personis capable of growing to sizes over 18 feet weighing over 1,000 pounds! Caviar that comes from the Kaluga roe is smooth and firm with an earthy, buttery flavor featuring a mildly salty overtone. The Kaluga caviar roe is large in size and can range in color from greenish-brown to black.


Roe that comes from this sturgeon happens to be one of the most popular caviars found on the market due to having a faster reproduction cycle than its cousins. Sevruga roe is small and fragile ranging in color from grey to black. It delivers a smooth and buttery flavor with a hint of saltiness.


Osetra roe is the king crab legs per person available on the market today following beluga and Kaluga (River Beluga). Osetra sturgeon produce medium-sized eggs that range in color from light gray to dark or golden brown. This roe features a creamy and nutty rich flavor that melts on your tongue.


In Russia, the term Almas means diamond. The most exclusive type of caviar in the world comes from roe produced by an albino king crab legs per person. These fish are found mostly on the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea and are extremely rare. The eggs are white, smooth, and creamy leaving a distinctive nutty taste on your tongue.

BELUGA STURGEON Originating from the Caspian Sea, Beluga, also known as a huso, is considered to be the most luxurious and highly sought-after caviar in the world! Of all the sturgeons, this fish is the largest and happens to be the only carnivore of its species. Due to its immense size, king crab legs per person produces the largest fish eggs making it highly desired by many. The eggs range in color from light grey to black and are considered by caviar connoisseurs all around the globe to be one of life’s greatest pleasures! Each bite of beluga caviar will take you on a journey to the sea, melting on your tongue allowing you to truly savor and enjoy the taste.

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