Immigration Reform Takes Another Round in Congress

The Gang of 8 Senators said in a joint statement:

“Our immigration system is broken and it is time for a national conversation about how to fix it,”

“We believe common sense immigration reform is vital in order to secure America’s borders, advance our economic growth, and provide fuller access to the American dream.”

The Immigration Reform Agenda

The advent of Senate Joint Resolution 8 sent an uproar to the state of California and 49 other states in the U.S. The resolution sponsored by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana is directed at overhauling and providing holistic principles to address immigration reform issues for the benefit of around 11 million immigrants now in the US.

The move to introduce reforms in the immigration laws was first made by immigrant groups in 2007 during the reign of President Bush, but the movement was unsuccessful. Again, the issue on reform immigration was revived eb5 regional center in 2010 when President Barack Obama announced his deferred-deportation program allowing young immigrants to apply for work visas. In his State of Union address in February, The President called on Congress to address the issue on immigration and pass extensive immigration measures.

Immigration a boost to American economy

According to Senator Huff, America had benefited from immigration, “The United States has been enriched by the strength and culture of immigrants who’ve come here from all over the world, and there’s no reason to believe that’s changed,” Indeed, the resolution is geared towards developing a more systematic and achievable immigration reform mechanisms granting US citizenship to about 11 million illegal immigrants in the US.

Senator Huff further said that America is very much aware of the need for reform immigration, thus, “It’s perfectly appropriate for the California State Legislature to add its voice to those reforms. Adopting these principles will increase national security and economic vitality in the nation as well as in California.”

The “Gang of Eight Immigration Reform Bill” gains support

The U.S. Senate’s bipartisan “gang of eight” includes the four Republicans namely: Jeff Flake (Arizona), Lindsey Graham (S. Carolina), John McCain (Arizona) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and four Democrats namely: Michael Bennet (Colorado.), Dick Durbin (Illinois), Robert Menendez (New Jersey) and Chuck Schumer (New York). They worked on the resolution for months referred to as “Gang of Eight Immigration Reform Bill.” The bill urges Congress and the Executive branches of government to develop comprehensive and workable approaches to improve the nation’s immigration sector through workable immigration reform legislations.

The move was supported by the religious community and the economist group. The Most Rev. Gerald Wilkerson, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and President of the California Catholic Conference expresses support to the plan of adopting sweeping reforms immigration. In addition, Vivek Wadhwa, Director of research for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization acknowledged that the growing number of visas issued to high-skilled foreign workers would boost the U.S. economy.

In addition, the San Diego City Council also declared their support to the bill which passed a resolution supporting the comprehensive immigration legislation. Moreover, the President Obama himself urged lawmakers to make immigration reform a priority agenda for 2013.

The immigration reform rally

The call for immigration reform had escalated even more with the participation of thousands of Americans and non-Americans in an immigration reform rally that took place this 1st of May 2013 in downtown Los Angeles. On the same day, there are about 18 other states that rallied for reforms immigration including Washington, D.C. where a large crowd gathered last Wednesday afternoon on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The fight of illegal immigrants in the U.S. seems to be nearing its end. The support of President Obama and Congress for immigration reforms will make a big difference for the greatest number of illegal immigrants now in the U. S. They now have the chance to acquire U.S. citizenship in simple and accessible terms and conditions.

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